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Looking for the Lowest Price for your DJ?


Choosing a Dj without first interviewing one based on price alone could be a HUGE mistake. Beware of low price and sales gimmicks such as 55% off if you book by a certain date. I guarantee you there will be another special next week and the week after. Very large companies have a hard time getting to know their customers and maintaining quality control with their employees thus maintaining a high level of customer service.


Things to consider when hiring a dj:

  • Wedding Wire: Make sure you hire a company with a 4.6 rating or higher that has at least 25 reviews.

  • Be careful of company profiles with just 1 Wedding Wire review on most of their testimonials. Remember anyone can make up an email address and post a review. This should raise a red flag why a bride reviews just the dj company and the bulk of their testimonials are 1 single review.

  • Interview or at least talk to your dj THAT WILL BE AT YOUR EVENT before hiring them so you can get a feel for that person's demeanor and experience level. Insist your assigned Dj's name is listed on your contract.

  • Demos are great but is that the dj that will be at your event? As I have said before, get the djs name written on the contract. Some companies will show you a great demo and then send someone else that is not nearly as talented to your event.

  • Do not hire a company that is not insured, does not purchase legal music or is not registered as a legitimate business.

  • If the company's website is homemade, has misspellings, poor grammar, cheesy or simplistic then most likely so is their service. Is there a section on their website that profiles their disc jockeys? If not, then they are either embarrassed about their staff or there is some other reason why they do not want to divulge who works for them. It could possibly be that their employee turnover ratio is very high or they do not have a staff at all. Their mission is to sell the job, look for the lowest paid person to do the job and make as much profit as they can.


These articles are from actual brides and grooms who booked the lowest price! The company's name were in these articles but out of fairness we will just call them Company X. This is probably the most important event you will ever host. Don't ruin it and be embarrassed on your wedding day in front of your family and friends.


This company ruined so many moments of my wedding! They were horrible! The DJ wouldn't call me back, then canceled the day before my wedding. They waited to tell me so I was just calling everyone i could trying to get a hold of anyone. Finally I did and they said they had another DJ lined up. He showed up looking like a homeless man in a suit with boxes of CDs. I spent all this money on a wedding for him to put card board boxes of CDs at the front of the reception. He took forever to get our first dance song on after we were announced. He stopped me and my husbands first dance mid way through and turned it off. Me and my father were going to start a song and then stop it mid way through and go into a song that we use to dance to all the time when I was little. He didn't have the right song and in front of all the guests just kept saying "That's what they told me!!!" He didn't play any of the songs i requested on their check list of songs you'd like to hear, he played inappropriate songs for kids being in the room, my guest spent all night trying to get me and my dads dance back with no help from the DJ. He was a nightmare!!! The company did reimburse part of my money for the DJ but they were still snippy and acted like they didn't believe me. Overall there are moments from my wedding that I never get back because of this company. Do not use them!!!! They are lazy, your rep will change constantly throughout the time you book and they won't ever call you back if you need something, they are slow at letting you know if anything has happened and their staff are filled with people who no one wants to work with in the first place which is why their with them. It's the only way they'll be able to get a job. Watch out with this one! It's not worth it!!!! Spend the extra money! It's a whole bunch of planning rejects trying to run a business they have no business being in.

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Two days before my wedding, I finally received a call from my DJ. Five minutes into the phone call I was in tears. My DJ was a brand new amateur who basically did this part time. He spoke very little English and had an extremely thick accent that was very hard to understand. He had not heard of most of the music I was requesting. He even asked me if I could provide my own CD's for him to use. I called my coordinator who miraculously was unavailable. I finally got all the way to the manager of the company who basically said oh well, you should have requested a specific DJ, and you've already paid so not our problem. I was heartbroken.

The day of my wedding was beautiful. My pictures turned out okay but completely unoriginal, staged and very boring. My photographer didn't take any candid shots of anyone at the wedding so basically my whole album is just generic staged shots from after the service. Thank god we are in the age of digital cameras and most of my wedding pictures came from friends and other guest. My DJ was a nightmare. He was unable to speak into the microphone; he struggled to use his equipment. He forgot the music list I had provided him, he played the song my husband I was to dance to three times before we got up to dance and then when we finally did dance he didn't play the right song. Out of desperation my sister went and got a bunch of CD's from her car so he would have something to play and then the jerk never gave them back to her. At most wedding the DJ is responsible for all the announcements and moving things along. Since my DJ felt uncomfortable talking into the microphone one of my guest had to make all the announcements and it was a total mess. There was no flow, no one new when we were cutting cake, having our first dance, or tossing the bouquet. I was embarrassed and unbelievably disappointed.

The manager of the company again took no responsibility. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Don't use this company. After much research after my wedding I found a number of women with the same story. It's your basic bait and switch operation. You meet amazing people and then they switch them out with inexperienced employees. If you know anyone who is getting married, please forward them this blog. I would hate for any bride to go through what I went through.

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My husband and I got married in the Kansas City area and hired Company X to do our pictures, video, and DJ because the samples on their website made them look fantastic. Unfortunately, it turned out terrible. The DJ was awful--he didn't do anything. My brother--who was part of the wedding party--announced us when we got to the reception and MC'd pretty much everything else (instructions for the reception line, getting food, starting the toasts, doing our first dance, father-daughter dance, cutting the cake, etc). He didn't have a clue how to do the bouquet toss or the garter toss. We didn't get to do the dollar dance as we had requested and he didn't play several songs we requested. The few (meaning maybe 2) announcements he did, no one could understand what he said because he mumbled. My husband and I were so embarrassed by the poor service.

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Not happy at all with the DJ we had from the Company X. First of all I was given a different DJ 1 week before my wedding and was not even told, no phone call, email, nothing. Second, we could barely understand our DJ, definitely a language barrier. Third, he announce all of the wedding party wrong even AFTER giving him a detailed list of the entire time line of the night and list of wedding party in order as they would come in. Fourth, I kept having to tell him to turn the music up because you could barely here anything. Very disappointed, the entire process with Company X was horrible. My entire wedding planning process went smoothly except for this. I do not recommend Company X, please stay away and avoid A LOT of stress.

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We booked our DJ service for our July 2008 wedding with Company X in the fall of 2007. We were told 3 months prior to the event someone would call us and match us up with 'The Perfect' DJ for us. One month prior to the wedding date I found myself calling them to verify our DJ and getting told they were so busy and would get back to us. Three days prior to my wedding a DJ called and asked me if I just booked my wedding DJ. He proceeded to tell me he did not have any of our requests regarding music we wanted played. I found myself in a panic because we sent our requests to this company months prior to our event. I gave him specific songs I wanted played for us and a particular type of hispanic music I wanted played to pay tribute to my hispanic culture at the wedding over the phone. He agreed (the DJ). After I got off the phone with the DJ my fiancee called Company X and that's when the run around began. My wedding reception would have been perfect had I not hired a DJ from Company X.

I approached the DJ during the reception to try to help him pick music for us and none of our music requests were met. I did not get to hear the hispanic music artist I requested from Company X and the DJ. The DJ just did not care and it was very clear. At my reception when I complained to the DJ he told me that is what I get for booking an online DJ service and to call and complain to them. He also said 'I don't play that kind of music on purpose' referring to the Kinito Mendez (merengue) music I requested. I was embarrassed in front of my guests by the music he was playing. When we called to complain and resolve this issue with John the supervisor of Company X this is what we got....

He is in a job interview he will call you back...and he doesn't.
John himself has told me call back tomorrow I don't have time to talk now,
When I call back the next day he repeats the process stating the phones are ringing off the hook. This went on for weeks..daily. We have given John our phone numbers and followed their complaint procedure of sending them an e-mail complaint and are still waiting for their call back. I have been doing this run around with John from Company X since July..it's almost September now. Please do not book any service with this company. You will regret it if you do!

Beaverton, Oregon


This company made it sound like they were giving the best deal to use for a DJ and videographer for our wedding. In the package we were supposed to receive all these free extras such as glow sticks and a light up ball for the dance floor. They promised that we would have a huge part in selecting our DJ and if we did not like him or her we would get to choose another one from their large variety of venders.

A few months before our wedding we found out that they don't assign DJs until a month before the wedding and we do not get to choose or meet them. Then three weeks before we did not hear from anyone and when we called they said it has not been assigned yet. Two weeks before it was not assigned and I was told they never assign it that earlier!?!? Two days before the event after calling the company five times I finally got a call first from the DJ who just received our song list that day and our phone number. The next day our videographer called.

At our event not only did our DJ not even know he was supposed to bring glow sticks and a dance globe, but he had a HORRIBLE sound system and was rude to my guests. He told me my sister was a b****. He took shots at the bar after the event and turned the music off five minutes too early so the facility had to turn on their stereo. He didn't play all songs from my list - he played out dated songs that we didn't want. He forgot to play the song I requested during my bouquet toss.

The worst part about it is that Company X doesn't care. I tried to call and tell somebody but they just brushed me off. They just want money. They don't care how their results are. This DJ was horrible and the scary thing is that he will probably be at many other weddings doing the same thing.

Middletown, Connecticut


This letter is to file a complaint for the DJ service my wife and I recently received at our wedding from your 'DJ Brian' in Portland Oregon. Our wedding was on Saturday, June 7th, 2008 at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. I have enclosed/attached a picture of Brian since I don't have his last name.

I called Company X based on your marketing on the internet and received good service from Jesse when booking our event over the phone. We received your packet in the mail with the song list, and a wonderful DVD showing what looked like a great DJ/Video company. We were so excited, but what a complete let down and wedding nightmare! In the booking process we asked for an 'Interactive' DJ and 'Brian' was so far from that. He cued up 4 or 5 songs in the laptop and then sat on his phone texting a good majority of the time. He was also supposed to go around to the tables while our guests ate for song requests and that didn't happen either.
I got a call from Brian the week before our wedding to go over a few things -- everything sounded great. Then he said he needed a table to set his equipment on. OK, I'm a DJ as well and I guess my expectations were a little high but I bring in all equipment needed to get the job done. The client has paid and you are supposed to provide the service agreed upon. My mother has already paid you guys $585.00 in full for your services. I expect you to bring all the equipment including tables to the event.
We agreed to provide the table because we had so many other things to worry about and that's the last thing we needed to worry about¦ When Brian arrived he set up his laptop,
speakers and tiny little light bar that looked nothing like what was in the DVD. With the equipment used anybody could be a DJ. The microphone and speakers were horrible -- we could not understand at all what he was saying to the crowd when he talked, which was very little, and I had to tell him when to do so. The schedule was set on paper before the wedding began and that's what we thought would happen -- the DJ would be the 'interactive' MC of our wedding. Well there was no inter-action with the crowd, he got nobody on the dance floor, and when we did the toast nobody could hear what we were saying.

Lots of our guests left early because your 'interactive DJ' was doing nothing to get the crowd excited about our special day¦ So I had Brian leave early as well so we wouldn't have to pay any more money for such a horrible service. I usually am a pretty quiet person when it comes to complaining, but you ruined the most memorable day of our lives!
I expected a much higher level of service from your company. You have a great marketing department but that's about it, I'm sorry to say. I do have a lawyer and will utilize him if need be. I hope this can be resolved in a civil manner. Even then, it will not change the memories of our special day.
I hope in the future you go to an event or two to see how things go with a new or seasoned DJ before you let him/her represent your company the way 'Brian' did yours.

Ty & kelly
Aloha, Oregon


I contracted Company X to provide DJ service for my wedding ceremony and reception. I paid for extra's including extra set up fee's, cordless mic fee, karaoke, travel. I was promised a profession DJ in formal tuxedo.

My DJ assured me on several occasions a few days prior to the wedding he had a tux, he had all the music I wanted, he had my line up in order. NO WORRIES, he had it all in control.

The day of the event he was late. My ceremony, which was outside, started late because of him. Because we started late we were forced to have the processional in torrential rain. The line up was screwed up because I (the bride) arrived in the gazebo, before the rest of my wedding party, in silence. Apparently the DJ didn't think music was necessary? I don't know. I had to TELL him to play something, and he played the processional music as an interlude. My processional was screwed up. OH, yeah, he was wearing shorts and a tee shirt, not the promised Tux.

The ceremony was a disaster, and the reception was almost as bad. He announced all the wrong names, didn't have the right music, and went around asking my guests if they would mind going to the store for him to get batteries. I paid extra for the Karaoke... I never got the karaoke, he broke the machine and then tried to blame it on my son. Thank God another guest witnessed it, and told him my son didn't have anything to do with his machine being broken.

All of you who have been to a polish wedding know what the 'chicken Dance' is. He didn't even have that song. My best man had to leave the reception and get me the sound track.

The DJ company has a 100% money back guarantee. I cant even get money back for the actual services not rendered. I spoke with the company several times and have gotten absolutely NO WHERE. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and currently am looking to file in small claims.

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


I found Company X on a web search where an ad came up for $495 disc jockey any event. So I called and they took my information and sent me a very impressive package in the mail.

As I talked with them I was impressed by their 'experience' and how many events they had done. They led me to believe that they were located in Las Vegas (I found out later that they are not). I ended up booking them based on price and what turned out to be lies about their reputation. A week before my wedding I called them and wanted to talk to my dj and the person stammered and I felt like maybe they didn't have a dj for me or something. They assured me I had a DJ and he would call me by Thursday (2 days before).

Thursday came and no call so i started looking on the internet and saw all the complaints here and got scared. I called a couple other djs and found one that was available and who agreed to match their price in order to help/save me. One of these djs had worked with Company X before and explained to me how they work. Pretty much, Company X is a booking company and has no control over the djs. They have several people in each city and put out a 'bid' for each event - the cheapest bid gets the job. Turns out Company X pays as little as $100 to local 'djs' to do their events for them, now what kind of quality dj would you get for that!?!??!? Company X says their djs have lots of experience but I have to think that for $100 they can't have that much experience! He also sent me a copy of the email that Company X sends out to the djs in each town, this is a direct quote:' Please indicate your top picks for this weekend and the price you are willing to do the event for, we will respond back with a confirmation email and t he price for the show. (NOTE: there will be multiple bids for each show and we will choose the one with the best cost)' So I ended up booking this new local dj and cancelling Company X, I lost my deposit but i think that was better than not having a DJ!

Company X does hard-sell tactics, they called me every day, they have pretty mailers but they use cheap local djs who are the cheapest price for them. you never know how much experience they have and you are lucky if they even show up.

Vegas bride
Las Vegas, Nevada


We used Company X for our wedding ceremony and reception in September 2007. I was very pleased with how nice they all were up until about 2 weeks before the wedding.

About a month before the wedding I had sent a list of songs I wanted played during the ceremony and reception as well as a list of 'must play' songs that I wanted played during the reception. I included names of every one in the bridal party for the announcements. I had also requested that no songs with profanity played since we would have a lot of children in attendance. I had also asked that the DJ not take any requests from children b/c I did not want the entire reception to be filled with high school music or Hannah Montana songs !!!

About a week before the wedding a man who said was our DJ called to go over my requests. He was very rude. He said he had not heard of half of the songs I had listed for the ceremony and reception. But he would look them up and if he had trouble finding them he would call me back. I never heard from him again.

The day of the wedding my family was setting up while I was at the hair salon. My brother called me and asked for the DJ's phone# so that he could call him and see if they were able to hook up a laptop to his sound system so we could show a picture slideshow that my mom had made. The DJ tells him that he is not doing our wedding b/c she cancelled!!!

I called the office in a panic and was told my Dustin that he was in fact not my DJ anymore b/c he had a 'family emergency' and a new DJ was assigned to my wedding. I asked if he was given all of the info for the wedding that included the songs for the ceremony, bridal party announcement, cake cutting and first dance. As well as the songs that I wanted played at the reception. He assured me that the new DJ was given all of that a few days ago and I had nothing to worry about.

My wedding was to start at 5:30pm and I was told the DJ would be there to set up at 4:30. We were having our pictures taken at a different location so 2 of my moms friends stayed at the venue to finish setting up and to be there to let the DJ in. We arrived back at the venue at 5:00pm and the DJ was just setting up as guests were arriving.

My mom went to the DJ and asked if he was given the list of the songs and his reply was 'NO, I was just assigned this wedding this morning' !!
Luckily my mom had a CD with the songs for the ceremony in her car so she had to go out in the rain to get them from her car for him !! The mother of the bride out in the rain !!!

When it came time for the ceremony to start and the mothers were seated my mom had to get up and tell the DJ when to start and stop the songs b/c he had no idea what he was doing. My flowergirl was very shy and was told what to do and had practiced and knew her cue by what song was playing. When it came her turn to go out he stopped the song she knew to walk to and started playing 'here comes the bride' My mom had to get out of her seat and walk her by the hand down the aisle. She was embarrassed b/c she thought she had done something wrong. By the time I came out the song was over and I walked down the aisle to nothing !!

After the ceremony we were waiting for the guests to be seated so the bridal party could be announced my mom again went to him told him he could start the announcements in about 5 minutes. He told her he did not know any of our names. Not even the bride and groom !! She had to write down everyone's names and give it to him. He again played the wrong song for the announcement and the cake cutting.

Before I even sat down to eat I went and talked to him to find out what was going on. He said he was never given the list of songs that I had sent in and he was just called this morning !! The last thing he had to do was the first dance and the dollar dance. It was supposed to be 'Me and You' by Kenny Chesney. He said he had that song and he would take care of it.

When it came time for the first dance he played 'You and Me' by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band !!! I looked at him while my husband were standing in the middle of the dance floor and said 'that's not it' He said 'I don't have it !!'
So he found another Kenny Chesney song !! Another moment ruined that we will never get back.

We also wanted to do the dollar dance and everything was explained in the list that I had sent prior to the wedding. My bridesmaid had to go and get the microphone from him and announce the dollar dance and get people up to do it !!

I had asked prior to the wedding to not have any songs with profanity played and several times myself or my mom had to tell him to stop playing a song b/c of profanity.

I called 'Company X' the Monday after the wedding and spoke to Rob. He apologized for everything said that it was definitely their fault and he would take care of everything. He asked me to send an email to him detailing everything that happened so that he could forward it to his boss 'Jim'. He said it would take about a week to go through the proper people and he would call me back.

I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone at that company. The only time they called me was when the were requesting payment. I called every day for months. I was told that I would be getting a full refund by Rob the week before Christmas. Nothing ever came. I called back and was told by Rob that he thought someone else had taken care of it and apologized again he said he was going to send me a check for $200. I asked what happened to the 'full refund' I was promised. He said that he did not have the authority to do that and 'Jim' would call me the following day to discuss refunding me the remaining balance of $405. I have yet to receive a phone call and do still call about every other week but I am always told that they are in a meeting, out of the office etc. etc. etc.

I was appalled to see all of the 'bad reports' on this company and wished I had found this out before the wedding. I can not believe that this company is still in business!!!

I feel that my entire wedding was ruined because we lost out on all of those memorable moments and all I remember is how it was not what I wanted !!

Dayton, Ohio


The company by the name of 'Company X' not only produces terrible wedding videos, they also have DJ's that don't show up at your reception.

My wife and I hired 'Company X'. We hired this company to DJ our wedding reception but no one ever showed up.

Imagine that...your wedding day with no DJ. We called the company, but no one answered, we left an urgent message, but no one called. After the reception, I called them, and called, and called, and called.

After many, many calls, I finally received a return call from the owner who said that the dj'got sick' that day and forgot to call in for a replacement. After I called the BBB, I was made aware that many other people had experienced the same problems that we did.
It is appalling to know that this company is still in business

The owner and his 'sham' companies (he owns another company by the name of 'Company Y) should not be allowed to be in business, they take people's money, promise them the best service, and not only don't deliver on their promises...they under-deliver and leave a bad lasting impression on a day that means so much to so many people.


Dayton, Ohio


I booked Company X for my wedding over 6 months in advance. They used high pressure sales tactics to get me to secure them as the DJ service. As my date came closer I became very worried because I had not heard anything from them. I had paid in full 3 months prior to the event, filled out their 'song book' and done everything I could in advance.

2 months prior to the event I began calling their 1-800 number every week to try and get some answers because they will not respond to any emails. Every time I got someone on the phone that gave me the run around. They only had excuses about how 'it was not their department' or 'they would have some one call back'. Nobody ever called and nobody could tell me who my DJ was for the event.

I paid over 500 hundred dollars and they could not tell me who the DJ was for my wedding reception. One month prior I began calling a few times a week and still nobody could tell me who my DJ was for the event. They claimed that I would hear from the DJ 2 weeks prior to the event.

Two weeks prior to the event nobody called. I had to keep calling them over and over. They got an attitude and told me that I would not get a call from the DJ until 1 week prior to the event. I had put in over 50 calls to these people with no response for 6 months. 5 days before my wedding I got a call from somebody from CompanyX who gave me a first name only of the DJ who was going to be at my wedding reception.

The wedding day came and the DJ actually showed up. However, this guy never got a copy of the 'song book' with all of our information and songs we wanted. He barely spoke 2 words in 5 hours. He played crap for songs and had a very poor selection.

2 hours after my reception began I felt my guests were so bored with the music they decided to leave. This was a very expensive reception and I had a POS for a DJ. This company is absolutely useless! Do not waste your time or money with these people! I learned my lesson the hard way with these scumbags!

Virginia Beach, Virginia


My Husband and I were searching for a local dj in the Pittsburgh area for our May 26 wedding After passing up many reputable agencies due to price, I came across the website for 'CompanyX' Their prices were AMAZING. Now I know why. When I first called to book their services, they were very nice and helpful. I spoke to 'Jeremy'. He sent me all the necessary paperwork to fill out very quickly. He also made sure I gave him a deposit that day. He told me at that time, (June 2006) that we were all booked and ready to go for our May 2007 wedding, all they needed was the paperwork and the FINAL PAYMENT by February 2007. Once received, they would call me. Well, we made sure all the paperwork was filled out and payment was sent promptly.
I did not receive any calls from them until the beginning of April. I had already attempted to call them 3 times prior myself, to request a copy of my signed contract and a receipt for my final payment. I did not receive those either. My mother had to send an email from work threatening to sue before they agreed to fax the information I had requested.

In addition, my mom called on almost a weekly basis to talk to the DJ. No answer! When they finally did call back, the second week of April, 'Carrie' spoke to my mom and advised her that the DJ would be calling me by no later than 6pm that very evening. He never called. So we called again the next day. 'Carrie' told us the same thing again. He never called. This went on and on for a month. Finally, after daily calls to the company being either unanswered or not returned, my mom called and spoke with 'Jim' who was said to be the 'Operations' Manager' who stated that the DJ would not call us until 2 weeks prior.

Finally, the DJ, 'Mark' called me on the Wednesday before my wedding to tell me that he was out of town and never received any of our messages. How convenient. We went over the contract and music list, of which I had considerable changes in music selections, announcements and start times. He agreed on all changes. To be safe, I also gave a copy of all updates to our wedding coordinator at the reception hall to give 'Mark' to make sure he had all the updated information. He received the updates from the coordinator because he had them in his hand when he came to meet me at the reception. So my mother and I had the pleasure of stressing all day long as to weather or not the DJ was even going to show up!!

First off, according to our contract, he was supposed to be dressed in a tuxedo. That was a must, since our reception was formal. He came in a pair of black 'Dockers' and a white polo type shirt.
Further, he stated his partner could not make it so he brought his wife who dressed in blue jeans and a dirty tank top.
Second, he and I went over the formalities and the introductions on the phone a few days prior and also in the hospitality room at the reception hall as well. His start time was 5pm. He came to me at 540 pm to ask what time he was supposed to start. Therefore, the first 40 mins of cocktail hour had NO music.
Third, when he was announcing our bridal party in, he introduced the wrong people. That was very embarrassing for myself and for the people who were introduced.
Fourth, When we began dinner, he was supposed to play a Jazz Selection, by selection, meaning multiple different artists. He played an entire Kenny G. cd, just so he could eat uninterrupted. I don't even like Kenny G!
Further, when the time came to do the special dances, we had 2 first dance songs, and 2 bridal party songs. He skipped the bridal party songs and went straight to the Father/Daughter Dance! I was horrified!
He was very lax, unprofessional, slovenly and most of all uninterested in what he was being PAID to do. We requested an 'enthusiastic' DJ, he was lazy and and rude. I think he confused 'funny' with 'sarcastic smart ass'.
He acted as though he did not want to be there and he read the introductions and such verbatim from the paper I had given him.
Lastly, I was promised a mirror ball with my package, I did not receive it and he had a TIPS jar out on his table. How nice.
Besides having a good sound system, he was a joke. The whole company was a joke. I could have made a few 'mix-cd's' to play and that would have been a better choice.

Harmony, Pennsylvania


I recently got married and I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the DJ  services I received from a company named Company X

I found my DJ over the internet. The package they sent to my home was impressive, blew all others out of the water. So, I decided to go with 'Company X'. I paid them in full for my DJ service-- 13 months before my wedding.

I periodically called Company X to inquire about my services and asked when I should start making arrangements with my DJ. I was told it was not necessary to speak with these persons until one month before the wedding. I began calling one month before the wedding and continued to hear the same story---everything is in order, we will have the DJ get a hold of you tomorrow. Tomorrow would come and no call. The week of the wedding I was being told I will get a call in 15 minutes from the DJ and still no calls.

I had no idea if I would have a DJ at my wedding!!!! I got a call from my fiance' at 11:00am (my wedding was at 3pm) explaining that the DJ just called him. The DJ explained that he did not have three very important songs, one of which was the music for the father of the bride dance. All three songs were requested, in writing, to Company X 13 months prior to the wedding date.

The DJ refused to attempt to get these songs, stating he had more important things to get done before my 5pm reception. To top this, he informed me that his services were requested the night before at 10PM by Scott at Company X. (did I mention that I Booked this DJ 13 months in advance??!!)

It has been 80 days since my wedding and I have not received compensation for the LACK of quality services from Company X. I have been in contact with the owner since September 25 and he continues to promise me compensation. Each time I call he informs me of the incompetent staff he had working for him, which he had to fire because they did this very same thing to other customers. I can only feel grief for the other customers that were wronged,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania